Website Development

Website Development

#hi, how we do it!

1. we chat

We chat and discuss the process we will be going through to ensure that your new website is perfectly customized to your needs. We agree on the site costings and discuss the payment structure for the site.

2. we agree

Once we’ve gone over the process, we make sure we understand your goals. We take a holistic approach to developing the website. We need to understand what works for you, what is the purpose of the site, what don’t you like, etc… This will help us lay out the exact goals for your new website.

3. the magic!

Designing a  website, takes time. We want to make sure the visual design is in perfect alignment with what the goals are for your website.  We’ll create a first draft, to go over colors and general website flow before building the site to ensure everything is laid out.

4. upload

We move the site from the production or staging server to the domain that will host the website. Any changes, amendments noted from the 1st draft will be implemented on the hosting domain.

5. Content & Images

We will combine the old (if there was) and the new. We weave them together to create the new site, following the guidelines we set out at the beginning. All images are uploaded and checked for sizing and compatibility.

6. Go LIVE!

We check everything again. We insert the necessary security layers and plugins. Check the SEO and Google requirements and we GO LIVE!

#hi, yours could be here too!

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