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Site Maintenance and Updating

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Site updates and Security

your site needs continous updates in order to stay secure.

Our website maintenance plans have been put together to save you the time and hassle of updating and looking after your own website.

Site Maintenance

There is always a concern your site is going to be hacked, this is the unfortunate reality of the online world. WordPress relies on many plugins in order to render the site your users interact with. WordPress ‘core’ files and plugins need to be kept up to date, to avoid vulnerabilities being exploited. Back-ups are also crucial in order to recover from a hack,  or catastrophic failure. Recovering a site can be costly, so always ensure you have a recent back-up.

Updates and Changes

If you occasionally need content on your website changed such as contact details or product information, just drop us an email for an estimate of hours. 

If you require regular changes to your website we offer monthly maintenance retainer packages.

We save you the time and hassle of updating your own website.

We provide services for:

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