Ad Hoc Services

Need a Business Card, Logo or assistance with your website?

We can assist.

Graphic Design
per hour
R 450
.pdf’s. svg. icons, all things graphic.
Creation for email campaigns websites, business cards and Logos
Creation of Logo’s
Creation of Business Cards
Create ICONS, Images
Create .pdf’s
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Site Repair
per hour
Let us see if we can fix it, update it or recover it?
If your site is not working the way it should we’ll take a look and see.
invoiced as required
minimum charge of 2 hours to assess site
We will require login details for the Site as well as the domain
if site can be repaired or recovered in the inital 2 hours no additional charges
Authority for the work required on the site is granted to Hospitality Innovations
Our work is always ‘best effort’ there cannot be guarantees on recovery.
does not include creation or customisation
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