Talent Match Consulting

Client: Talent Match Consulting: Requirements: Create a CMS package allowing Client to profile jobs as well as collect C.V. information from respective applicants.


Client: SignSupport Requirements: Upgrade the existing CMS (WordPress) site, and create a more user-friendly look and feel, for User and Investors. Incorporate existing content and new ideas.


Client: MullerieR Requirements: Create a landing page for future development. Allow for building of page ranking.

Blouberg Dentist

Client: Blouberg Dentist Requirements: Replace the outdated HTML page, allow Clients to have a better understanding of the Services they provide.


Client: Envirosteam Requirements: Required a more modern look and feel. We upgraded the CMS Package and plugins and did a revamp of the site Site updating and email campaigns

Zenzeleni Networks

Client: Zenzeleni Bahlali Networks Requirements: Upgrade the outdated CMS package (WordPress) version and give the site versatility and scalability. With the aid of their Content designer, we restructured the look and feel to bring it into the 21st Century