What is an e-Commerce Site

What is an e-Commerce Site

An e-Commerce site or ‘shopping cart site’ allows you to sell products online.

Popular platforms are:

We can create ‘shopping carts’ for you on either of these platforms. Both platforms provide ‘free’ templates that provide a great cost saving. However should you wish to create a custom store, We can design, create and manage the process for you.

We follow the below steps to get you up and running

1. choose a direction

Decide if you want a custom site, or are you happy with a template drive site? Saving money is the name of the game for a ‘start-up’. Are you going for the pure shopping site, i.e. Shopify or a combination like woocommerce?

2. let's build

We’ll beat whichever template you’ve chosen into shape and get it ready as a 1st draft, at which stage you can inspect your creation.

3. upload the images

This is arduous and time consuming, as there can be considerable product images and numerous version of product imagery that has to be uploaded.

4. content

We upload the content, descriptions, quantities, and all other pertinent information. Add the shopping cart and ensure the respective pages look and load correctly. Add any shipping and payment plugins and check that they work correctly.

5. pricing

All the pricing for all the products are loaded in all formats, i.e. discounts, 2 for 1 deals, etc…

6. Go LIVE and SELL!

We double check it all, and then we check it again! Once you are happy that it works the way you envisaged.


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